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Adoptable Cats

Here are all our cats that are currently available for adoption.  Please fill out our Adoption Application Form to begin the adoption process.

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Daphne is a darling! Her rescuer spotted her sitting in the snow while her 'family' drove away when they moved out. He financially could not afford to keep her as much as he wanted to and he eventually called us for help. The video of Daphne was taken the very first day that she arrived. The veterinary staff were so impressed with how trusting and social she was. She loves people. Her foster home has a bunny and she is very respectful of the bunny. As you can see, she is stunning and has


Jelly is a regal, stunning brown tabby. He is very friendly and social. It is estimated that he is about six years old. He was abandoned when people moved away and he became the neighborhood cat. He found a temporary home with a nice family but they unfortunately could not keep him because they are in the process of moving and their living situation is uncertain. Jelly is a very chill boy. He loves find sunbeams and lay around waiting for his foster home to pet him. He does have a big pe

Buddy Boi

Buddy Boi is a wonderful, sweet teenager! He was found in the park wearing a green vest and the king person that found him searching for weeks for his home. Buddy is a treasure! He is so friendly and outgoing and personable. He came in uneasy about other cats but now he really enjoys playing with Lucky and his siblings.


Goldie is a stunning beauty! She is a sweet, spunky girl. She enjoys being an only kitty with her kind foster parents who rescued her when she was a kitten. She loves it when a little girl come over to play with her. Goldie is every playful and smart. She has a quirky habit of nipping at you gently when she wants to eat. She was very much pampered by the couples daughter who sadly passed away. She is hoping to find a lovely person like her who just loved animals and cared about her so mu


Bridget is a darling! She is a five star cat and has been a joy to rescue and foster. Bridget is outgoing, easygoing, playful, loving....She is good all people and other cats. A treasure!


Katie is a stunning, little torbie! She is bubbly, spunky, confident, loving and just a little dynamo. She's also very sweet and loving. She will certainly make you smile and add joy to your family. Katie is a little bit of an alpha with other cats. She likes some and she doesn't like others. She seems to do better with easygoing males. She would certainly love to be an only kitty and have your undivided attention.


Our barn cat program is for our cats that take part in the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program but can't be returned to their communities because of danger or lack of care. These are our less social cats that don't crave the company of people, at least at this point in their lives. These cats are peaceful, easy to care for, and make friends easily with other farm animals. Pictured is our lovely Chula who was adopted as a mouser for the family chicken coop. The family followed the relocation...

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