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Adoptable Cats

Here are all our cats that are currently available for adoption.  Please fill out our Adoption Application Form to begin the adoption process.

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Aimee is a treasure! She and her two beautiful girls were found in a colony of cats. They are so sweet that it's obvious that they were thrown out to fend for themselves. Aimee is very outgoing and super friendly. She is always close and loves attention. She really wants love and she has a lot of love to give. She was in rough shape when she was found. It's clear that she let her kittens eat first because she was very thin and had lots of hair loss. Her hair is growing back and she alrea


Lola is a stunning, young beauty! She appears to be a Maine Coon mix and she is also a polydactyl! Lola was found by a kind young woman at only five weeks old. She loves her very much but did not have the money to spay her and so Lola had kittens. She is Hugo and Kenny's mom. You can see how beautiful the three of them are and you can see that they appear to be part Maine Coon with their tufts and silky hair and tails. Lola is also a polydactyl!

Kenny 1
Kenny and Hugo

Hugo and Kenny are two gorgeous, attention seeking, super chill brothers! They are just seven months old. Still very much kittens. Hugo is king! As you can see in the video he hops up so you don't have to bend so far down to pet him. He's an in your face cat and just loves being touched and carried around like a baby. He seems to be a bit of an alpha cat as he challenges the cats in his foster home; but perhaps he is being protective of his goofy brother Kenny who is polydactyl! And; did y

Hugo 1

Hank is a stunning, sweet, sweet young boy! He is very loving and affectionate. He follows his foster mom around and loves to get praise on how handsome he is. He is also playful and runs around the house with his brother like galloping horses. Hank is cautious just at first meeting because he is so sensitive and sweet but he will open up in no time. Charlie is his brother if you are searching for a gorgeous pair. The boys were surrendered because of financial reasons. They are used to be


Charlie is stunning, classic tuxedo. He is only one years old but we have a feeling he will always be a kitten. Charlie is outgoing, confident and sweet. Always underfoot and happy. Charlie and a sweet brother Hank if you are searching for a gorgeous pair. They run around the house like horses and they are also good with the senior cats in the home. Charlie and Hank were surrendered due to financial reasons. They have experience being in a home with a wheelchair and will easily adapt to a


Our barn cat program is for our cats that take part in the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program but can't be returned to their communities because of danger or lack of care. These are our less social cats that don't crave the company of people, at least at this point in their lives. These cats are peaceful, easy to care for, and make friends easily with other farm animals. Pictured is our lovely Chula who was adopted as a mouser for the family chicken coop. The family followed the relocation...

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