Adoptable Cats

Here are all our cats that are currently available for adoption.  Please fill out our Adoption Application Form to begin the adoption process.

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Almond is a stunning, torbie. She is young, spunky, playful and social. Almond is a little princess and enjoys attention. She is very happy to be rescued and is enjoying her carefree days. Almond spooks easily at times having to be on guard while she was homeless but there is no doubt that she will overcome that and take over your home and turn it into her castle.


Lacey is enjoying life to the max these days! Lacey is a stunning Bombay mix with a dramatic story. She came to us late one evening and we rushed her to the ER to find that she could not give birth. Lacey needed an emergency C-section. Only one kitten survived and she is in her forever home.


Archie is very outgoing, social, confident and cool cat. He will always greet you at the door. He will be right there with you as a companion cat. Being such a cool cat he does get frisky on occasion. Usually, when he is bored or wanting treats. A nice window perch and lots of toys will keep him busy. He is still quite playful. Archie is pretty good with other cats. He would not mind being an only kitty either.


Jake is one gorgeous, blue boy! He is a character. Jake is always in the way and right there beside you. He loves to get head scratches and boy does he love his treats! He follows you around, flipping and rubbing. Jake is also very good with other cats. He is respectful of the feminine girl cats and a buddy to the manly boy cats. Jake is not perfect though. He does have trust issues to overcome and does swat when he thinks he should not let his guard down.


Our barn cat program is for our cats that take part in the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program but can't be returned to their communities because of danger or lack of care. These are our less social cats that don't crave the company of people, at least at this point in their lives. These cats are peaceful, easy to care for, and make friends easily with other farm animals. Pictured is our lovely Chula who was adopted as a mouser for the family chicken coop. The family followed the relocation...