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Adoptable Cats

Here are all our cats that are currently available for adoption.  Please fill out our Adoption Application Form to begin the adoption process.

Click HERE to see our Kittens!




Joy is our gorgeous, Bombay looking princess. She came to us round and ready to pop. She gave us four sweet babies and even adopted an little orphan baby. It's Joy's turn so shine now. Joy is very grateful. She follows you around. She asks for treats and attention. She even hops up against you. She does have a little trust issue to overcome though. She spooks easily and then hisses and retrieves. She will outgrow that in time. She did not have a lucky, nurturing start like her kitten


Gracie is an adorable, little dynamo. She was a wonderful mom to her four beautiful babies. Now Gracie tends to herself. She has her own little sanctuary room where she dreams of chasing butterflies. Grace is a character and a little feisty. It's going to take a special person for this tiny free spirit. We know you are out there though. As you can see in her third photo, she is in the arms of a dear volunteer who visits her everyday. She will let you hold her in time too. Gracie will be


Ellie is a stunning black tortie. She is searching for a nurturing home because she has so much potential and she is so sweet. She is just shy and in need of confidence. Ellie loves her cardboard box and she lays in it waiting for you to go and give her love and pets. She is good with the other cats and is just a sweat heart. A princess in the making!!! Please consider adding her to your family.


Lacey is enjoying life to the max these days! Lacey is a stunning Bombay mix with a dramatic story. She came to us late one evening and we rushed her to the ER to find that she could not give birth. Lacey needed an emergency C-section. Only one kitten survived and she is in her forever home.


Our barn cat program is for our cats that take part in the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program but can't be returned to their communities because of danger or lack of care. These are our less social cats that don't crave the company of people, at least at this point in their lives. These cats are peaceful, easy to care for, and make friends easily with other farm animals. Pictured is our lovely Chula who was adopted as a mouser for the family chicken coop. The family followed the relocation...

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